Best Ways To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

ShareX is a free and open-source program for Windows and Mac, which lets you record or capture your screen area. You can also share the screenshot or record with a single press of a key. It is one of the reliable tools to capture scrolling screenshots in Windows. The print screen key will capture the entire screen and download HP Photosmart C4400 series (DOT4) drivers save it on the clipboard.

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  • Click on the “Save” button to save your keyboard shortcut.
  • This is the screen we want to take a screenshot.
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Next, you have the settings for applications that you want to exclude from taking screenshots and the ones that you want to specifically include. After installation completes, the software will start running in the background. It will be available in the system trayfor quick access. Right click on the icon and you’ll get a bunch of options for quick actions. Now that you know how to capture a scrolling sreenshot, you can spruce up your Windows OS by seeing our list of great Windows screensavers. We also have a way for you to access the elusive WindowsApps folder on Windows.

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How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop Windows 10?

Snagit’s interface is simpler and more focused than PicPick’s. It also has a built-in image editor with functionalities similar to that of PicPick. You can also take a screenshot by pressing Windows Key and Print Screen together to save the entire computer screen as an image. To find your screenshot, you need to go to pictures and then a subfolder called “Screenshots”. For instance, our Alienware laptop has a key labeled both HOME and PRT SCRN. To use the Print Screen function and take a screenshot, we also press the Function key. If we want to save a screenshot as a file, we must also press the Windows key at the same time for a three-key combo.

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As shown in the below image, the screenshot thumbnails are organized based on the date and time. One of them is the Grid mode in which you’ll get bigger thumbnails. Once you’ve selected the part of the screen you want to screenshot, simply hit SAVE and give it a memorable name.

Taking A Screenshot On Linux

But if the wiped SSD is the OS drive, the computer will warn no operating system was found. EaseUS BitWiper, with its multiple disk erase options, enables you to flexibly clean up an existing OS disk or data partitions with ease. Wait for the procedure to complete after the operation. Once done, you can repeat the above-listed steps to delete all useless files on existing partitions in Windows 10/11. With smaller space left in the system SSD disk, computer performance will go down and become slower. Wipe PC hard drive, SSDs, external hard drive or USB.

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